Fabuletta Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

Fabuletta Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

The Fabuletta Cordless Vacuum Cleaner are the perfect tool for swiftly cleaning bare floors and low pile carpets when you don’t have enough time (or the energy) to lug out your heavier, upright vacuum or full-size canister.

This Cordless Vacuum Cleaner consists of a 24kPa 250W brushless motor and can clean for 45 minutes. It contains LED display and a removable battery. It’s a lightweight cordless vacuum machine suited for carpet or hard surfaces splattered with countless forms of dirt such as pet hair, dust, fur, and more.

Fabuletta Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review
Fabuletta Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

6 in 1 Lightweight Stick Vacuum


  • 250W brushless motor
  • Self-standing design
  • Large-capacity rechargeable battery
  • 3 LED lights
  • All-new cyclone technology


250W brushless motor

With a 250W brushless motor, Fabuletta cordless vacuum cleaner offers 24,000Pa powerful suction on MAX mode, so it can instantly suction up debris, crumbs, dust, pet hair, and other messes with ease. The brushless motor produces less heat and noise (63db), which allows for more energy-saving and longer service life, compared with other general brushed motors.

250W brushless motor

The product’s large brush attachment contains a combination of brush-like bristles as well as felt-like material so it’s multi-functional for various flooring. The higher-end models provides you with two different brushes and the lower-end models give you just bristles. Users like that you don’t have to frequently change heads when vacuuming different floorings (e.g., area rugs in hard floored rooms).


Self-standing design

With a self-standing design, you can easily stand the Fabuletta floor vacuum wherever you require. Besides, it only weighs approximately 3.3lb, with is extremely suitable for one-hand cleaning.

Self-standing design

With numerous accessories including dusting brush as well as a long crevice tool, this wireless vacuum cleaner can be assembled into 6 different Combinations, meet all your daily cleaning requirements and provides you with an a perfect experience.

Cordless stick vacuum cleaners contains a main bodyweight of 3.3lbs as mentioned above, also making it user-friendly and extremely appropriate for individuals of all ages, even those experiencing back problems.


Large-capacity rechargeable battery

With an amazing 7 x 2200 large-capacity rechargeable battery, the cordless stick vacuum cleaner cordless offers an outstanding cleaning performance for up to approximately 45mins (Low Mode for 45mins, Standard Mode for about 30mins, MAX for 15 minutes), which ensures thorough cleaning all around your home.

Large-capacity rechargeable battery

The detachable battery can be effortlessly charged singly or on its main body. It is simple to utilize and can be used by merely anybody. It contains cleaning settings that can be easily adjusted to leave your house spotless. It keeps dust safely and effortlessly contained. It runs relatively quiet and is gentle on your loved ones as well as the environment.


3 LED lights

It features a flexible 180° swivel sideways and 90° up and down that allows you to clean your home in all directions. The 3 LED lights helps the vacuum cleaner illuminate every dark area and surface to track dust and dirt. With the LED display, you can effortlessly check the information from this cordless stick vacuum, brush roller cleaning indication, like suction level and the HEPA filter cleaning indication.

The Replacement HEPA Filter Fit can also be purchased with this vacuum. While this vacuum feels relatively well-built overall, it does consist of a few weak points like most all vacuums do. Thankfully, it’s extremely lightweight, and you can simply carry it from room to room.


All-new cyclone technology

With high-density meshing and all-new cyclone technology, the Fabuletta Cordless Vacuum Cleaner assists in cleaning up to 99.97% of the microscopic dust particles as tiny as 0.3 microns, so this rechargeable vacuum offers the purified air for your families.

All-new cyclone technology

Note: HEPA is washable and re-usable, and there is also an additional Hepa. Cleaning the filter frequently will prohibit weak suction and blockage. No worry about after sales, as this company offers 12-month 100% satisfactory after-sales service.

Many users don’t think the bristles of this vacuum are so rigid as to damage wood floors and yet many was amazed how much dust it picked up on area rugs. Overall, users think this unit is extremely adequate and for the price of a fraction of a Dyson vacuum, the number of attachments supplied, and more than capable performance, many think it’s a great purchase.

Pros & Cons

  • Flexible 180° and 90° swivel
  • High-density meshing
  • Washable HEPA filter
  • Triple noise reduction technology
  • May not be adequate for carpets and rugs



The Fabuletta Cordless Vacuum Cleaner strives to provide you with an amazing life by outperforming other traditional vacuums on the market through its modern functions and features. Aside from being configurable to your cleaning requirements, it also contains additional vital functions to keep you and your loved ones safe and extremely comfortable while you clean your home.

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