Greenote Cordless Vacuum Cleaner GSC40 Review

Greenote Cordless Vacuum Cleaner GSC40 Review

If you’ve been searching for one of the best cordless vacuums then you’ve come to the perfect place. Cutting the cord on your old vacuum certainly unleashes the freedom to easily grab your vacuum and get cleaning. The Greenote Cordless Vacuum Cleaner GSC40 provides increased battery life as well as power, is relatively lightweight and convenient to utilize, and can also convert to a handheld model for limitless versatility.

There’s nothing more cumbersome than having dirty floors. However, with shoes inside, pets, and general living, that can easily be the reality. You can combat the issue with a stick vacuum cleaner, but it’s not always effortless to find one that works the best. Below, we provide some helpful information that can maximize the chance that you’ll purchase the one that does the job well.

Greenote Cordless Vacuum Cleaner GSC40 Review
Greenote Cordless Vacuum Cleaner GSC40 Review

Greenote Cordless Vacuum Cleaner GSC40


  • 140W power
  • Maximum suction power of 12KPA
  • 60cm-80cm telescopic tube
  • Noise reduction technology
  • 3-in-1 Vacuum cleaner


140W power

The Greenote12000PA Lightweight Vacuum has 140W of power and the two motors design significantly minimizes friction to maintain peak power, durability, and much longer battery life. There is an additional motor in the floor brush head allowing for better cleaning.

140W power

There are also no complaints performance-wise, and it’s really a delight to utilize. The compact size makes it the perfect selection for storing in closets or out of the way and also doesn’t need a docking station.

No matter your household needs or budget, this stick vacuum will surely assist you in keeping your home sparkling.


Maximum suction power of 12KPA

With a maximum suction power of approximately 12KPA, this is the best selection for pet hair. Select suitable suction you require to work. Fitted with 2200*6 batteries, you can enjoy up to fade-free power that will last until the job is done.

Maximum suction power of 12KPA

The Greenote also consists of advanced design features that will definitely please any tech person, and several; attachments for different types of cleaning that need a vacuum. It’s extremely effortless to control the suction level by yourself, but placing the vacuum on Auto makes for better battery life and can also switch suction automatically depending on the type of surface you’re on.

Whether you’re selecting a cordless as your primary or an additional vacuum, you’ll require something with approximately 30-45 minutes of battery life, so you don’t have to worry about whether you’ll be able to finish your tasks or not.


60cm-80cm telescopic tube

Both the Greenote Cordless Vacuum Cleaner GSC40 and the GSC50 Greenote weights approximately 1.5kg, adopts an ergonomic design, elderly and women can also effortlessly carry it and clean the entire house. And with the extended 60cm-80cm telescopic wand, there is no issue with cleaning at relatively high places.

Users also appreciated the powerful suction and extreme cleaning performance. In addition to its telescopic pole to adjust the length for different individuals, short and tall, and highly lightweight design, it’s extremely slim build makes it effortless to vacuum under low-lying furniture and spaces.


Noise reduction technology

Excellent noise minimizing technology, the volume of this machine is as low as 70 decibels when active, the pet and child will definitely not be disturbed while resting. Large suction with low noise, you deserve it.

Noise reduction technology

Thanks to the ideal brushless motor, the stick vacuum is extremely quiet while in use and can easily run for approximately 40 minutes before it requires to be recharged. The brush is also equipped with LED headlights to perfectly illuminate those dark, dirty corners.

Most stick vacuums are also cordless, meaning they will run on a battery that will require recharging. However, since there are no tangled cords, it is easier to maneuver and find debris and dirt in hard-to-reach areas.


3-in-1 Vacuum cleaner

The 3-in-1 vacuum cleaner can assist in cleaning crevice dust, desktop garbage, hair etc. The floor brush is fitted with two large rollers to allow for flexible cleaning from 90 degrees to approximately 270 degrees. After utilizing, it can be hung easily on the wall.

The smaller attachments provide you with a flexible way to get into small areas, while emptying is certainly a breeze.

This is a well-priced vacuum with some brilliant features and functions. The best cordless vacuums are extremely lightweight and make swift tasks easier, and you won’t have to be tripping over wires or searching for a plug.


Pros & Cons

  • One click dumping
  • Light and Low-noise
  • Dual Suction Power
  • 99% Dust filtration
  • Suction power may be inadequate for some



In a smaller home or apartment, they can replace a corded vacuum machine, especially if you select a model with ideal suction. In larger homes, they are excellent for swift clean-ups – having one on the upper floor of your home can make cleaning bedrooms a real boost.

Some cordless vacuum cleaners are even as powerful, if not much more, than standard upright vacuums, and also designed to tackle pet hair too. Plus, the Greenote Cordless Vacuum Cleaner GSC40 is typically half the weight of your usual corded model, for easier utilization and mobility.

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