How to Use Vacuum Cleaner Attachments?

How to Use Vacuum Cleaner Attachments?

Most vacuum cleaners come with vacuum attachments. How to use vacuum cleaner attachments is something most people don’t know. Vacuum cleaners have become part of our daily lives; they are versatile machines that clean excellently within a short period of time. l have researched about different types of vacuum cleaners. l just have a passion for learning about them since l was little and my parents were involved in this business, therefore l used different types of cleaners for testing to see which one is better than the other.

But ever since l started buying vacuum cleaners, there are some things l look for as am ordering them one of them has the vacuum attachments; these include the crevice tool, dusting brush, upholstery tool, airflow brush, mattress attachment, floor brush and so many others.

So in order to choose the best vacuum for example the Bissell vacuum cleaner I look for versatility, durability and performance of the vacuum attachments. These vacuum attachments are used in many ways and these include;


Crevice tool

This is a vacuum attachment that is thin with a narrow crevice nozzle. It cleans the edges of the cushions and in between the baseboard of the carpets where dirt may have congested and picks up tiny debris from crevices and corners of the house.

The form of the crevice tool that is flexible, the flex crevice tool that is perfect for going under areas, and removes the spots a vacuum cleaner cannot pick up.


Dusting brush

It is one that has a circular brush head, along with soft bristles that picks up the dust particles without leaving a mark on the cleaned surface.
It is usually used in cleaning the delicate furniture, such as the cushions, and can also be used in other parts such as the shelves and the lamps.


Upholstery tool

This tool is excellent at removing the stubborn dirt loosened, slightly stains disappear, pet hairs and harmful mites are removed by this tool.

lt is good for cleaning cushions, mattresses that also makes excellent deep cleaning, and can also be used for cleaning the car seats leaving them supper clean.


The extension wand

This is a telescopic wand made up of either metal or ABS metal; the wand can be attached to another vacuum attachment, which is fastened to the end of another wand. These wands connect to the electric power nozzles, bare floor attachments, or even the central vacuum tools.

It allows for cleaning hard to reach area such as the ceiling, under and behind the furniture or the fridge which makes cleaning excellent since they are attached to several cleaning accessories making the whole home a healthy environment to live in.


Turbo brush

This brush works like a mini vacuum cleaner, it rotates when it is put on the handle, and has strong suction when attached to the wand, and the rubber cleans pet hairs and works on window blinds.

The rotating bristles can clean the sofas, pillows, the teddy bears in sofas leaving the furniture excellent clean.

And also can work the stairs as well therefore making it good in deep cleaning, even cleans areas outside the home such as your car seats.


Mattress Attachment

The dust may come from cleaning the room, the dust may settle on the mattress, this keeps on accumulating and breed bacteria that may affect the health of the people at home. Since traditional methods may not be effective during cleaning, the mattress cleaner can be used.

They are easy to operate and produce some UV light that dries and kills some of the bacteria that may have accumulated in the bed. Therefore it allows healthy beddings at home because of its effectiveness; this as well can remove the pet hairs.


The floor brush

The hard floor brush, carpet floor brush or both hard and carpeted, the hard floor brush is for cleaning the hard floors and surfaces. It does gentle cleaning of the hard wood, the brush is cleaned before cleaning, when attached to the end of the hose, and the bare floor brush has short, stiff bristles.

Therefore removing dust and grit from hardwood and tiles is easy with the help of the carpet floor brush. It cleans and removes the finest dirt from the carpets and also from its edges and brush has long bristles is used for cleaning a large area.

This one is the one that cleans both the carpets and the floor therefore making it a multi floor brush.


Blind and ceiling attachments

These simplify and challenge the certain chores, cleans in between the blinds, the feature has long bristles and the same one can clean the lamp head and the window seals, leaving the area without any dust.

This is good during deep cleaning because there is a lot of dust, that is from outdoors and sticks on the areas that may be needed to do deep cleaning.


Motorized brush head

It has a rotating brush, that cleans the carpets in upright form, but one can turn off rotation when cleaning the bare floors.

The brush head is usually the one that does the great suction and can clean both the carpets and the floors and of any kind of floors such as the tiles, or wooden floors and are able to remove both the large and tiny debris from the floors.


Pet Groomers

For the people with a lot of love for their pets and care for them, they need to be cleaned in order to stay healthy. This is why some people consider this equipment.

This attachment removes dirt from the pet hairs that may have clogged beneath the skin that may be a breeding area for parasites such as the ticks that may result into pet diseases such as anaemia.



These vacuum attachments should be cleaned so that they can be maintained and stay for a longer time.

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