Kenmore 81615 600 Series Pet Friendly Vacuum Cleaner Review

Kenmore 81615 600 Series Pet Friendly Vacuum Cleaner Review

The versatility of this Kenmore 81615 600 Series Pet Friendly Vacuum Cleaner makes it more popular. Nowadays, people started utilizing these canister vacuums for homes that had lesser carpeted areas and more hard surfaces. However, canister vacuums have gone through ordinary maintenance by their manufacturers to become more effective and efficient for you.

The Kenmore 81615 Bagged Canister Vacuum is a great selection for someone who requires a lot of power when cleaning. The machine has been designed with quite a lot of versatility, and it offers a large reservoir to hold all the debris you have sucked up into the machine.  Office and home cleaning are both simplified utilizing a large unit such as this.

Kenmore 81615 600 Series Pet Friendly Vacuum Cleaner
Kenmore 81615 600 Series Pet Friendly Vacuum Cleaner

Best Kenmore 81615 600 Series Vacuum to Buy


  • HEPA filtration system
  • 2-Motor system
  • PowerMate attachment
  • Steering nozzle
  • Adjustable lightweight wand


HEPA filtration system

Multipurpose creation w/swivel head cleans all spaces and surfaces in your home, kitchen, den, car and garage. This best Kenmore vacuum cleaner contains a HEPA filtration system to eliminate the air of common allergens and keeps your home neat and clean.

With an ideal adjustable height, this Kenmore Vacuum Canister gets rid of slouching and bending. Plus the cord rewind that is included with the Kenmore 81615 prohibits tripping. This is the best vacuum cleaner for all the allergy sufferers as it eliminates virtually all pollen, dust, dander and much more.


2-Motor system

The 2-motor system has perfect suction strength and has 2 floor nozzles with an ideal Pop-N-Go floor brush. The 3 additional attachments come with it: dirt brush, crevice tool, and bare floor tool. The Pet PowerMate component was created for getting up dander and pet hair that sticks to your floors.

2-motor system

Pet hair will definitely clog a normal vacuum, but the dual-motor creation of this vacuum will suck in all the hair captured by the PowerMate component.

You may utilize many accessories with this machine that will assist in smoothing floors, upholstery, and walls. Each one is effortless to reach, and you will clean your entire home in moments using this singular machine.


PowerMate attachment

Optimum HEPA filter conceals 99. 97% of dirt, trapping it inside the vacuum. The height-adjustable floor brush that is included with the best Canister Vacuum can work excellently on any carpet. The great thing about this vacuum is its PowerMate attachment.

PowerMate attachment

The major difference between this affordable Kenmore and other canister vacuums is its fitness and finish. It helps to eliminate all the strong allergy triggers and so you can easily breathe healthy and clean air.

The EnviroCare Replacement Vacuum Bags can also be purchased with this device. Also, you will surely appreciate the versatile style of this Kenmore vacuum, as its all-floor creation makes transitioning effortlessly between different floor types.


Steering nozzle

The motorized attachment works perfectly on stubborn pet hair, and cleans dirt swiftly from surfaces. It eliminates hair from tangling around the brush and easily stores inside vacuum, attaches to wand and handle in a snap for bare cleaning.

The HEPA certified filter that is included with this Kenmore Canister Vacuum eliminates almost all allergens and dust from the air, and hence ideal for asthma and allergy sufferers. The steering nozzle of this Kenmore 81615 600 Series Pet Friendly Vacuum Cleaner lets you spot clean with comfort.


Adjustable lightweight wand

The adjustable lightweight wand extends up to 10. ‘To access difficult spaces. It is lightweight at 22. 6 lbs, and the 28′ cord is retractable and the attachments and accessories fit within vac.

Adjustable lightweight wand

This Pet Friendly Lightweight Bagged Canister Vacuum makes you work effortlessly from carpeted stairs to hardfloors and also the narrow areas behind the fridge. Piles of dust and stubborn hair are no match with this vacuum.

This Kenmore Canister Vacuum perfectly cleans hardwood, laminate as well as carpet with ease and users are extremely thankful for the multipurpose all-floors design. A POP-N-GO floor brush in the front storage case makes swift work of messes.

Pros & Cons

  • Multipurpose all-floors design
  • POP-N-GO floor brush
  • HEPA certified filter
  • Ideal for asthma and allergy sufferers
  • May be a bit loud for some



This Kenmore 81615 600 Series Pet Friendly Vacuum Cleaner is mainly created for asthma and allergy sufferers, as it gets rid of allergens, pollutants, and irritants in your home with the help of a HEPA filter.

So, you are able to take a breath of clean and fresh air. Also, you’ may never lose power with the double-wall creation of this Kenmore Vacuum that is created to keep the airflow strong and steady.

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