Kenmore Pet Friendly Crossover DU3017 Vacuum Cleaner Review

Kenmore Pet Friendly Crossover DU3017 Vacuum Cleaner Review

The Kenmore Pet Friendly Crossover DU3017 Vacuum Cleaner effectively eliminating pet hair and contains a high-powered brush head that can adjust to different flooring types. We appreciate the tangle-free brush heads, or devices with simple access to the brush roll in order to de-tangle things swiftly.

It’s perfect for dealing with pet fur, since it’s been specifically created to handle dirt, hair, and dander. These consist of tons of attachments and features created to make cleaning up after pets simpler.

The Kenmore Pet Friendly Crossover DU3017 Vacuum Cleaner is a fine vacuum cleaner. It integrates a few high-end functions with tons of powerful suction. It might not be a big issue for those who don’t switch tools continuously, but others might find it quite an annoyance, especially considering the price point.

Still, it’s good to know your machine can effectively and efficiently clean so many kinds of debris from normal carpet or hard floors.

Kenmore Pet Friendly Crossover DU3017 Vacuum Cleaner Review
Kenmore Pet Friendly Crossover DU3017 Vacuum Cleaner Review

Kenmore DU3017 Vacuum Cleaner Overview


  • Multi-surface design
  • Air driven turbine
  • Enhanced HEPA filter
  • 2-Motors power Cyclonic technology
  • Adjustable height


Multi-surface design

You can easily eliminate pet hair and more with this lightweight multi-surface, multi-floor designed pet-friendly vacuum for utilization in your den, home, or kitchen. This canister easily sucks up pet hair, dust and debris with a superior feature to shift between carpets and hard surfaces.

Multi-surface design

The airflow tool is extremely powerful, and the attachments had made it effortless to get into hard-to-reach areas and spaces. Many users also compliment the devices’ light weight and ideal maneuverability; furthermore, a number of purchasers describe the canister as easy-to-empty.


Air driven turbine

Air driven turbine spins roller brush to high RPM easily removing stubborn pet hair and other stains off furniture, stairs, car and van seats, It feels quite sturdily made overall, but some smaller internal mechanisms, like those inside the bag container door, feel as though they could break over time.

Air driven turbine

Thankfully, it’s easy to assemble, as its components clip together intuitively. However, even with the negatives, the vacuum’s great price makes it a great purchase.


Enhanced HEPA filter

The enhanced HEPA filter function traps 99.97% of dirt and it provides versatile overall cleaning performance on a range of floor types. It consists of a relatively lightweight construction, and an effortless-to-maintain creation.

That said, its bulky design can make it fairly cumbersome to maneuver in tight spaces. Still, if you’re searching for a relatively affordable, yet multi-functional, upright vacuum, this is a good selection. Dual motors allow for cyclonic action to contain dander, dirt, and other allergens inside the canister and a reusable HEPA filter.


2-Motors power Cyclonic technology

The cleaning machine contains 2-motors power with Cyclonic technology which utilizes centrifugal force to allow for powerful suction eliminating pet hair and dirt from carpet, cracks as well as upholstery. For cleaning stairs, we suggest a light, maneuverable device with a full attachment set.

2-Motors power Cyclonic technology

You’ll require something that’s fairly compact enough to move in a stairwell, but that consists of enough cleaning range to get into all the tight spaces.  Maintaining a clean house is simpler with the Kenmore DU3017 Pet Friendly Upright Vacuum Cleaner.


Adjustable height

The lift away bin is swiftly detachable and effortless to empty and clean, The Kenmore Vacuum is ideal for bare floors. It clears large and small debris like cereal or rice without much effort on this kind of surface, and its suction power doesn’t seem to drop as much as its dirt compartment fills up.

The height is also adjustable for utilization on carpet as well as various types of hard floors, and the head can also swivel for smooth steering when it comes to furniture and other obstacles.

Pros & Cons

  • Traps 99.97% of dirty
  • Lift away bin
  • Quick-draw wand
  • Swivel steering system
  • Some complaints of vacuum being fairly heavy



Most Kenmore vacuum cleaners have their strengths. Some are relatively powerful, others effortless to maneuver. Some contain hair removal properties, while others suction debris from the carpet effortlessly. Finding the perfect vacuum often means selecting which of these features and factors matters most to you.

The Kenmore Pet Friendly Crossover DU3017 Vacuum Cleaner is a solid selection for those with pets or kids. While this vacuum unlike the DU2012 is a little on the bigger side and lacks a bit of maneuverability, it’s an ideal choice for someone who is mostly interested in cleaning carpets or wants to stick to a traditional vacuum.

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