ORECK Commercial XL Pro 5 Canister Vacuum Cleaner Review

Right off the bat, you may notice that the ORECK COMMERCIAL XL Pro 5 Canister Vacuum Cleaner consist of an exceptionally concise and compact design. Every little component, feature, and facet of this shoulder vacuum is perfectly contained within the machine’s body, and this body weighs approximately five-pounds.

The ORECK COMMERCIAL XL Pro 5 is a great, compact, affordable, and robust vacuum cleaner that will do its tasks very well. It is carried around utilizing a shoulder strap and/or handle, and it doesn’t contain transport wheels. Being so compact and small, it is effortlessly stored away.

ORECK COMMERCIAL XL Pro 5 Canister Vacuum Cleaner Review
ORECK COMMERCIAL XL Pro 5 Canister Vacuum Cleaner Review

Oreck Commercial XL Pro 5 vs Oreck Commercial Upright Vacuum


  • 4-amp, two-stage bypass motor
  • Mountable tool caddy
  • 30 ft. long power cord
  • 25 quart bag with rear exhaust filter
  • Several accessories and attachments


4-amp, two-stage bypass motor

Weighing approximately about 5 pounds, you can effortlessly carry it by hand or over your shoulder containing a carrying strap. The machine consist of a 4-amp, two-stage bypass motor, which might be as powerful in performance as typical flow-through motors that usually draw more amps, and typically has a better vacuuming capability than common single-stage motors.

This bagged canister vacuum cleaner makes use of pkbb12dw bags. These are ideal triple-layer disposable bags and they are also hypoallergenic which assists in minimizing airborne allergens.  They are also fairly reasonably priced compared to other bags we have seen online.


Mountable tool caddy

You can utilize the stretch hose to effortlessly clean above-floor and in-between for precisely detailed cleaning where vacuums may not reach. It can be even utilized as a larger handheld unit. The attachments may often fall off of the vacuum where they are being stored.

The tool caddy easily mounts on the back of the machine but the power cord will be passing through the caddy so if you are moving around a lot, the cord will dislodge tools or the tool caddy from time to time.  This is something relatively cumbersome to quite a few people.


30 ft. long power cord

The 30 ft. long power cord effortlessly wraps around the bottom of the vacuum to stay out of your way, while a 5 ft. hose allows you to put suction right where you require it. Oreck XL Pro 5 contains an adjustable extension wand as well as a 4-foot hose.

The 4-foot (1.2 m) hose may not sound long enough, but this device is generally carried and used utilizing a shoulder strap or is easily carried in the left hand with the wand in your right hand (or vice versa).

This significantly assists in cleaning ceiling fans, overhead vents, and other high places. The Genuine Oreck AK1BB8A Vacuum Bag and the ORECK XL COMMERCIAL Upright Vacuum Cleaner can also be purchased with this machine.


1.25 quart bag with rear exhaust filter

The ORECK COMMERCIAL XL Pro 5 Canister Vacuum has a 1.25 quart bag as well as rear exhaust filter for effortless cleaning.  Also, most users are pleased with the lightweight design of the XL Pro.

It is effortless to lift and carry from space to space, or up and down the stairs.  It contains a built-in handle (located at the top of the canister body) as well as a carry strap that can be easily worn over the shoulder.

It is popular to make use of the Oreck XL Pro for vacuuming in tight, difficult to access areas, stairs, overhead cleaning, as well as vehicle interiors.  Users also praise the machine’s cleaning reach due to the fairly long power cord.


Several accessories and attachments

The accessory pack includes an upholstery tool, telescopic wand, dusting brush, floor cleaning nozzle with hard floor and carpet selections, a universal adaptor, crevice tool, and a detachable accessory caddy.

It can be even be utilized as a larger handheld unit. Some people may not appreciate the fact that it is bagged unit, but with the bundle packs, individual price of these durable bags is rather cheap.

The ORECK COMMERCIAL XL Pro 5 Canister Vacuum is an excellent shoulder vacuum that provides an exceptional amount of convenience, as well as immense power and efficiency. For the low-cost of this shoulder device, and the amount of convenience and performance that it offers you, it’s definitely more than worth the price.

Pros & Cons

  • Quick-Dump Cord wrap
  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Powerful high vortex motor
  • Disposable bag and filter
  • Shoulder strap design may not be perfect for everyone



If you require one of the best versatile vacuums that can run until the bag is extremely full, you’ll like this vacuum. If you are searching for the best handheld car vacuum, then the ORECK COMMERCIAL XL Pro 5 Canister Vacuum Cleaner should be on your list.

While all of these features and functions are great, since they provide mobility and convenience, what is truly essential is the power and performance that this shoulder vacuum delivers. Fortunately, this shoulder vacuum like any other commercial vacuums provides more than enough performance and power for just about any vacuuming task.

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