ORFELD C10A Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

ORFELD C10A Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

A powerful vacuum is probably one of the most essential cleaning devices you’ll ever buy. Finding the ideal one that’s not only comfortable to utilize around the house but also has suction strong enough to eliminate up all the dirt that accumulates can be fairly cumbersome.

If you’re unsure about where to start — but know you will require a stick vacuum — Amazon shoppers highly suggests nabbing the ORFELD C10A Cordless Vacuum Cleaner.

ORFELD C10A Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review
ORFELD C10A Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

ORFELD C10A  Stick Vacuum Cleaner Overview


  • Telescopic extension tube
  • Double automatic control system
  • 60 minutes of runtime
  • Multi-cone cyclone technology
  • LED lights
  • Solid nylon bristles
  • Multi-cone cyclones


Telescopic extension tube

The high performance motors offer ultra-quiet yet powerful suction, of 220W in Max mode and 5X the suction power of a typical cordless vacuum. It is fitted with a telescopic tube so it can be easily folded away after use.

It doesn’t take up much space and is easier to store. This is the most inexpensive yet long-lasting stick vacuum cleaner. It does the best at withstanding hair tangling and is perfect with debris pickup on both surfaces.


Double automatic control system

The device is fitted with the most innovative ABMS (Auto Battery Manage System) +ADDS (Auto Dust Detection System). The double control system can effectively and efficiently manage and control the discharge of any battery.

Double automatic control system

The C10A vacuum’s runtime is approximately 50 minutes. Even when the battery dies when on boost mode, you can effortlessly switch it back on normal mode and simply complete you’re vacuuming. The charging dock, accessories and build quality is extremely good.


50 Minutes of runtime

After approximately 300 fully flush discharges, the battery still contains over 80% capacity, providing it with 20% more life than the usual vacuum cleaner. Suction power auto adjusts to the dust size and you get up to 50 minutes of runtime.

50 Minutes of runtime

This creation with high suction power is relatively useful to clean the corners effortlessly. This is compact and simple to utilize.” Another user said it’s “powerful and extremely efficient.”


Multi-cone cyclone technology

The ORFELD “Air Force” cyclone technology produces a strong centrifugal force, allows for successful dust separation and also binds 99.99% dust and pollen in the dust cup.

Multi-cone cyclone technology

The unclogged air duct also allows for longer suction. The C10-A did a bit better when doing the crevice pickup test, probably since it has little seals on the side.


LED lights

The ORFELD C10A Cordless Vacuum Cleaner has a built in powerful motor for a deeper clean as well as a brush for hard floors as well as carpets. Surface dirt is just as effortlessly absorbed as deep-seated dirt. LED lights easily illuminate corners, concealed places and under furniture around your home.

Unlike the ORFELD EV660 the ORFELD C10A consists of a 220W brushless motor providing 40% more suction power than the usual brand. The motor swiftly spins at up to approximately 100, 000rpm to produce powerful suction. The C10-A is extremely impressive mostly because of it containing the auto-adjustment function and the really good filtration at this price range.


Solid nylon bristles

The brush roller effortlessly coarse dirt and fine dust and debris at the same time. Solid nylon bristles dive deeply into thick carpets and eliminate deep-seated dirt. The C10-A seems to be relatively sensitive to the smallest amount of dust and debris continuously adjusting suction to every piece of dirt it senses. You pay a bit more for a really useful feature.


Multi-cone cyclones

If the floor brush roller ends up getting caught due to excessive hair, the floor brush will stop working and the red light will light up. Not only will it make you prevent damaging the brush motor, but also extend its lifespan. Read also How to Remove Mold From Carpets?

Multi-cone cyclones assists in separating dust and air more efficiently and effectively, centrifuge through various filter holes to achieve ideal results, and prevent secondary pollution.  It contains the best design of the floor head for dust and debris pickup. It also consists of the best battery life on both high and low settings.

Pros & Cons

  • Built in powerful motor
  • 40% more suction power
  • Up to 100, 000rpm
  • Multiple filter holes
  • Battery capacity may be fairly inadequate for some



It’s perfect for all sorts of cleaning around the home and yard, with a motor that’s strong enough to handle most jobs. To reach stairs, corners, and other intricate crevices, this vacuum also swiftly converts to a handheld selection that can use the three included brushes, a hair cleaning tool, or even the crevice tool.

If you’re short on home space and require a vacuum that can clean both hard floors and carpet, you’re going to want to add the ORFELD C10A Cordless Vacuum Cleaner to your cart ASAP.

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