Proscenic P10 PRO Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

Proscenic P10 PRO Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

Let’s face it, shopping for a vacuum cleaner isn’t all that glitz and glamorous. So is shopping for a broom or toilet brush. We all know that this is last on your need-to-do list but either way you need a cleaning tool that will help you cut down on your cleaning time. The only motorized tool that is good at it is a vacuum cleaner and this is where the Proscenic P10 PRO Cordless Vacuum Cleaner comes in.

With a helper like the Proscenic P10 you get the best of both worlds, a lightweight stick vacuum cleaner and a portable handheld vac. Yes there are some great vacuum cleaners on the market from companies like Bissel, Eureka and Shark. With the P10 PRO you get something extra, but let’s find out why so many customers is buying the latest model of Proscenic down below.

Proscenic P10 PRO Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review
Proscenic P10 PRO Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

Best Proscenic Cordless Vacuum Cleaner to Buy


  • 25000PA suction power
  • Upgrade super power motor
  • Long lasting removable battery
  • Carpet boost
  • 4 Stage filter
  • LED display and lights
  • Flexible brush head


25000PA powerful suction

Suction power is one of the most vital features of a vacuum cleaner. The higher the suction power the better the chances to get rid of the smallest dust particulars.

The Proscenic P10 PRO Cordless Vacuum Cleaner has a 25000PA powerful suction

With the Proscenic P10 PRO Cordless Vacuum Cleaner you get a suction power of up to 25000PA which is more in accordance to vacuum cleaners like the Dreametech T10.

This high efficiency power enables the vac to suck up the smallest dust particulars, debris and other messes from any type of flooring including: hardwood floors, low pile carpets, tiles and mosaic flooring.


Upgrade super power motor

The Proscenic P10 PRO is all power with an amazing 260 watt motor spinning at a rate of 80000rpm. This helps you to cut your cleaning time into half leaving you flooring neat and clean.

Upgrade super power motor

With 25KPA suction power to better help clean hidden pet hair, debris and dirt on floors and carpets.


Removable long lasting battery

This model is an upgrade from the Proscenic P10 and features a 8*200mAh high-capacity battery with a runtime of up to 55 minutes in its lowest mode and in turbo mode you can get up to 20 minutes of uninterrupted deep cleaning on a single charge.

Removable long lasting battery

The 3 settings available on the Poscenic P10 Pro is ECHO, STANDARD and TURBO MODE.

The is removable so it can be charge on its own or you can charge it while its stored on the storage mount. For extended use it’s advised to buy a spare battery for a more convenient and burden free cleaning experience.


Carpet boost

Carpet boost is an excellent feature that you can enjoy when using the machine. When in automatic gear this carpet cleaner automatically detects the height of the carpet and set itself to the desire setting between 11.5-18.5±1Kpa.


4 Stage filter

It boast of a 4 stage filtration system (HEPA, Sponge, Steel mesh and Cyclone ionosphere) which uses a cyclonic approach to suck up fine particulars from carpets and hardwood floors.

4 Stage filter

This filtration system lets out cleaner air when you or your family is in its surrounding. Improving the air quality when in use. All filter is removable and washable and easy to clean using tap water.

  • Tip: To ensure the best suction performance, please clean the HEPA filter, dust container, and roller brush regularly.

LED display and lights

For those with eye sight problems or when you are busy cleaning under the bed or sofas the company has installed LED lights on the head of the vacuum cleaner. This makes it easier for you to see whether you have missed some dirty spots in dark spaces.

LED display and lights

The Proscenic P10 PRO Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is also fitted with a LED display so that you can see how much battery power is left, in which mode the unit is in and error codes that it might show.


Flexible brush head

Flexible brush head

Another unique feature that you will see which don’t come along with older outdated vacuum cleaners is the flexible brush head which can rotate 180 degrees to get into hard to reach spaces like under the bed or in between sofas.

This gives you the freedom to move around furniture without straining you back or body.

Pros & Cons

  • Lightweight design
  • Anti-tangle floor brush
  • Carpet identification mode
  • Strong suction
  • Extra long runtime
  • 150 Minutes charging time
  • On/off button is too close to the handle


Final thoughts on the Proscenic P10 PRO Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The Proscenic P10 PRO Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is definitely one of the best cordless vacuum cleaners on the market. With great suction power and versatile attachments this carpet and hardwood cleaner is a great helper for you and those which might suffer from hand injuries or arthritis. All in all it’s easy to use and clean plus it’s affordable.

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