Shark Navigator Pet Pro Upright Vacuum ZU62 Review

Searching for the best vacuum for your home can be somewhat of a hassle, however, after seeing what the Shark Navigator Pet Pro upright vacuum ZU62 has to offer, it’s pretty clear that it’s one of Shark’s best vacuum cleaners available today.

Its amazingly powerful motor integrated with the perfect filtration of True HEPA Filters allows this vacuum to be the top contender for the best upright vacuum cleaner for pets. Even though it might not be a Lift-Away model, there are still lots to love about this machine.

Shark Navigator Pet Pro upright vacuum ZU62 Review
Shark Navigator Pet Pro upright vacuum ZU62 Review

Best Shark Navigator Pet Pro Vacuum Cleaner to Buy


  • HEPA filter
  • 3XL capacity
  • Zero-M self-cleaning brushroll
  • Combined extendable hose
  • Anti-Allergen Seal Technology


HEPA filter

The Shark Navigator Zero-M Pet Pro Upright Vacuum has been created with pets in mind by combining various cleaning technologies into one vacuum cleaner.

It can easily be utilized on the carpet and bare floors and contains a very large dust canister so it doesn’t require frequent emptying. It also consists of a unique self-cleaning brushroll that eliminates tangled hair while you vacuum (the hair is eliminated and goes to the dust canister for disposal).

Moreover, the vacuum offers quality air filtration through the HEPA filter as well as the sealed body. On the downside, it may feel relatively hefty and it may not maneuver as ideally as some of the other Shark uprights vacuums we’ve reviewed.  Some users also wish it contained a longer power cord.


3XL capacity

Pet hair on floors and carpets doesn’t stand a chance as the Shark Navigator Pet Pro consists of 3XL capacity for uninterrupted cleaning. It has a suction motor feature thermostat that can turn the motor off if the internal temperature rises way above certain threshold.

Shark Navigator Pet Pro 3XL capacity

When this happens, you should turn of the unit, unplug it from the wall socket and check for any blockages inside the machine, empty the dirt bin, and also check the filters.


Zero-M self-cleaning brushroll

The Zero-M self-cleaning brushroll also provides nonstop hair removal. The main brushroll is not connected until the machine is reclined backwards slightly – this enables the user to park the machine when needing short breaks without turning the machine off and for vacuuming utilizing a cleaning hose, without stressing about the rotating brushroll.

Zero-M self-cleaning brushroll

From time to time, you have to manually clean the brushroll and eliminate stubborn pet and human hair and similar dust and debris. Also, when the device arrives, it should be assembled first, which can be done relatively quickly. In order to test out your new vacuum cleaner, prior the first utilization, ensure to thoroughly read the manual.

This upright vacuum contains a suction slider that’s inside the handle.  You can open the slider to lower the suction at the end of the wand/handle/ cleaner-head.  The ability to minimize suction can be extremely handy if you find the suction too powerful.


Combined extendable hose

With a combined extendable hose, your cleaning is not minimized to furniture, floors—vacuuming stairs, and tight spaces since the vacuum can reach approximately 12 feet.

Allergen Seal Technology

Many find the cleaner a little heavy and may not be as maneuverable as they would like however there are some users who write that it maneuvers and steers well.  The Colorfullife Filters for Shark Brushroll Pet Pro ZU60 and the Anewise vacuum filter for Shark Navigator Lift-Away Nv350 can also be purchased with this device.


 Anti-Allergen Seal Technology

Owners definitely appreciate the powerful suction produced by the ZU62 and they also love the suction slider that enables you to lower suction when required. Most are also extremely happy with the Zero-M Technology, telling that it keeps hair from tangling in the brushroll.

Combined extendable hose

In particular, users with pets appreciate the self-cleaning brushroll.  For the most part users report that the machine is good on bare floors, on carpet, and on pet hair. When you’re done vacuuming, the Anti-Allergen Seal Technology and a HEPA filter allow particles to be trapped inside the vacuum.

Pros & Cons

  • Self-cleaning brushroll
  • Powerful suction
  • Suction slider
  • Quality air filtration
  • May be fairly heavy for some



Being a pet owner is great until friends and family comes over to your apartment, and the moment they sit on your most extravagant sofa, debris and tons of animal fur fly in the air. They find themselves covered in pet hair fur from head to toe.

Leaving you completely embarrassed for your life while your pet cluelessly sits, while licking away its fur. So, if you’re in need of a vacuum, the Shark Navigator Pet Pro upright vacuum ZU62 will be the ideal purchase.

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