Unusual Uses of Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaners

This versatile equipment deals with dry and wet debris, or dirt. The cleaner just works like the canister cleaners. It’s the best for removing water spills and damp patches. It has two bucket systems separating the liquid and the solid wastes, cleaning spills may be hectic and take a lot of time removing, therefore people who want clean homes and have time buy this machine to help them in their work. But it don’t stop there:

It has a leak proof container that allows collecting all the water inside. In order for its proper maintenance this machine is cleaned immediately after using it, and also follow the instructions of the manufacturer before using this wet and dry vacuum.

Unusual Uses of Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaners
Unusual Uses of Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaners

The Unusual uses of wet and dry vacuum cleaners

  1. Removes clogged water in hot tabs and fish tanks

The  fish tanks can be cleaned by sucking up the gallons of water, without even moving the tank anywhere, even hot tubs since some water is required to be removed manually after releasing some water, the dry and wet vacuum can help in this work,


  1. Removes ash from fire places

Since some of those filters have the Dacron type pre-filter, metal filter, cage and a 3 layered fire dust cartridge filter, makes it completely safe to suck up fire hazardous ashes.

It can vacuum up the damp ash easily for people who use wood and charcoal in their homes, or heating home up for warmth during winter season. This dry and wet cleans up the left over ash with the equipped fine dust filter to vacuum the cold ash,


  1. Removing the dents from the carpets

When the furniture stays for long in one place, it may leave the dent on the carpets and the way to remove it may depends on the depth of the debt but in such cases the ice cubes are used on the carpet with the dent left to melt and the vacuum cleaner is used to vacuum out the stain.


  1. Grooming

It removes the mess of the pets such as the watery feces, and the mud that comes with the children and the pets on their feet, including their fur from them, removes any spillages such as milk from either the floor or the furniture.


  1. Removes the lego’s from under the furniture

The set of lego contains hundreds of pieces, the dry and wet vacuum cleaner does best in removing the legos out of the children’s rooms, or from guest room s after a party, nooks and crannies around the house, under the furniture and also in between the radiator and the walls.


  1. Drying the deck after washing

Before cleaning the deck blow the leaves any debris by sucking and hovering the left over water likewise the dirty water around the home or garage.


  1. Cleans the floor and curtains

Collect the dirt and debris, in this case can be used like an ordinary vacuum cleaner, the others have attachments for cleaning the hard wood floors and also other materials such as the tiles and vinyl.


  1. Cleaning the carpets

It is excellent at cleaning the carpets, removing the dust, pet hairs and other debris that may make the home an unhealthy place to live in because it can be good to remove the mildew marks man’s stairs from the carpets such as the spillages from coffee, milk or black tea and removes them within a short period of time.


  1. Vacuuming condensed fluids

During the winter season, there is condensation of the windows, therefore the humidity in house keep on increasing, and when heating also goes on the cold air outside and the warm air inside meets, such incidences can damage the wall and furniture so the condensation problem is vacuumed with the wet and dry vacuum.


  1. Drying the car and the seats

Most people use the leaf blower to dry the cars but it one has the wet and dry vacuum cleaner it can dry your car and also removes the stains from the seats leaving them sparkling and very clean.


  1. Inflating the water toys

The detachable blower can quickly inflate tubes, toys, rafts and also easier to blow up the gears if one has.

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