WORKSHOP Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner Review

WORKSHOP Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner Review

If you’re searching for the best small wet and dry vacuum for your home or shop , you have come to the perfect place! This WORKSHOP Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner contains an impressive 2.5 gallons capacity to handle your light-duty cleaning jobs. The machine is portable, weighing approximately 7.24 pounds. It is also extremely compact to save on storage space.

Moreover, the power cord easily wraps around the carry handle for much more compact storage. This particular compact vacuum cleans your car as much as it cleans your home and upholstered seats and floor.

Therefore, it is definitely worth considering.

WORKSHOP Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner
WORKSHOP Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Best Compact, Portable Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner


  • 75 Peak HP motor
  • Flat-bottom design
  • Qwik Lock fastening design
  • Dual-Flex hose
  • 10-Foot power cord


1.75 Peak HP motor

This portable wet dry vacuum cleaner is extremely compact and lightweight making it effortless to carry and store. The compact and portable vacuum cleaner consists of a big ergonomic carry handle making this small, lightweight vacuum simple to carry and transport.

1.75 Peak HP motor

This 1.75 Peak HP device works well for swift wet or dry mess clean up, whether it be vacuuming up your pet’s spilled water bowl or cleaning your car. This vacuum also offers versatility with its blowing port function. You can simply plug the hose into the exhaust port, and this machine turns into an air blower that is ideal for small messes.


Flat-bottom design

Shop vacuums like theses Vacmaster Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaners is perfect for quick pick-ups around the house, apartment, dorm, or condo. The stable, flat-bottom design prohibits the small shop vacuum cleaner from tipping over. Professionals will love the large storage capacity and the range of attachments that make this vacuum multifunctional around the shop or worksite.

You can select a gallon size that meets the needs of the task being performed. A flooded basement will need a larger capacity than cleaning debris and dust from a car, truck or van.

The WORKSHOP Wet/Dry Vacs Multi-Fit Wet Dry Vacuum Accessories and the WORKSHOP Wet Dry Vacuum Bags can also be purchased with this vacuum.


Qwik Lock fastening design

Upright vacuums can’t work with every job, and most are definitely not portable vacuum cleaners. It contains extension nozzles and a Qwik Lock fastening creation that makes switching filters swift and easy.

This vacuum will effortlessly suck up everything in sight through the 7-foot hose—wet debris, cut board ends, mud, as well as tile scraps were all pulled up with no issue. And it contains an attachment for blowing debris off your floor and other areas.

The vacuum cleaner is highly multifunctional, and you can utilize it to clean the interior of your car. If you’re blowing dust or debris from your driveway or floor, you will certainly realize how powerful the motor is.


Dual-Flex hose

This wet dry shop vacuum can easily handle those jobs without taking up an immense amount of space. The Dual-Flex hose that can effortlessly flex 180 degrees on each end of the hose allows for getting into compact areas easier than with other hoses and should also offer better longevity.

Dual-Flex hose

A flexible hose consisting of a 2.5-inch diameter not only allows swift and efficiently sucking up liquids and massive debris but also will optimizes the output power and when utilizing a blower feature.

With its ideal suction power, you can eliminate wet and dry messes from your car or seats floor. If you’re searching for usage versatility, you should definitely consider purchasing this multi-functional vacuum.


10-Foot power cord

This vacuum’s flat-bottom design certainly sets it apart, prohibiting the vacuum from tipping over when in use. This handy machine also includes an ergonomic handle, which makes it extremely portable and easy to carry. And due to the compact shape, this vacuum can effortlessly store in a cabinet or pantry. The vacuum includes a WS01025F filter bag, 4-ft hose, car nozzle, utility nozzle and an owner’s manual.

10 Foot power cord

The 4-foot hose, 10-Foot power cord and all shop vacuum accessories and attachments store can be stored on-board keeping everything required close at hand. This unit is also relatively lightweight and features transportation wheels for perfect portability.

Pros & Cons

  • 2.5 Gallons capacity
  • Car Nozzle and Utility Nozzle
  • Blower feature
  • 7-Foot hose
  • Cord is relatively short



If you want to clean up tiny amounts of wet and dry messes from food spillage or pets , a small wet dry vac like the WORKSHOP Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner will be the cleaning machine to have.

The best small vacuum cleaner allows for powerful suction that cleans up every single bit of the mess, leaving your stained surface and floors sparkling.

Both the Armor All aa225 Wet Dry Utility Shop Vacuum and the WS0255VA is created to include all the accessories on-board. The yellow belt found around centre of the unit has combined storage for the included Car Nozzle and Utility Nozzle. The massive handle serves as an ideal on-board cord wrap for the 3m power cord. The 1.2m hose also locks securely and compactly into the sidewalls of the drum for safe keeping.

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