How do vacuum cleaners work?

How do Vacuum Cleaners Work? The Inside Scoop

There are different types of vacuum cleaners but works using on the same principal of air pressure, but the differences between the higher pressure and lower pressure is according to the type of floor being cleaned. So today we will be looking at: How Vacuum Cleaners Work?


Most high pressures like wet and dry vacuums are used on the carpeted areas and stairs while the low pressure works on the hard floors such as tiles and wooden floors, therefore the ambient pressure outside forces the dirt inside the appliance and the air inside is filtered in different ways depending on the type of vacuum cleaner.

Bagged or Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

bagless vacuum cleaner

The porous material with the dirt suspended in air is dropped in the bag and left behind, the type of such vacuum is either Bagless or bagged and this one is less effective since can get clogged with the dirt that is trapped inside the Cleaner.

Canister Vacuum Cleaners

These vacuum cleaners have the canister attached to it, with the high speed the dirt is thrown at the sides, where it drops down and settles at the bottom, the sizes of the canister varies from one cleaner to another.

caniser vacuum cleaner

Those with larger canisters are good because they do not require frequent emptying while cleaning a large floor or many rooms and after use they can be cleaned, washes and rinsed others can just be replaced.

The vacuum cleaners have a standard vacuum motor at the bottom which fans the cylinder head allowing the cooling of the motor. The rollers on the appliance are passed on the floor and this is what does excellent cleaning.


Cleaners of different forms have different rollers in which others can be entangled with pet hairs easily and others do not, but these rollers clean perfectly the carpeted areas than the hard areas hence removing the big and small debris from the floor.

HEPA Filter

The HEPA filter is in some of the vacuum cleaners that have the hepa filtersvacuum airbags, this prevents dirt from circulating in the air allowing efficient use of the cleaner despite  of any health complications such as asthma to use them.

Intake Ports

Some vacuum cleaners have the intake port where smaller intake ports are powerful  as it removes the large debris on the floor and therefore allows cleaning the floor within a short period of time.


These cleaners have a button that changes from hard floor gear to carpeted floor gear and in most cases the vacuum decreases on the hard floors, and in other cases the switch is turned off when cleaning the hard areas.


The cleaners come with other tools attached to it such as the Crevice vacuum cleaner attachmentstool, upholstery tool in which others can be used in different forms such as the hand held lift away mode that allows cleaning hard to reach areas such as the cupboards, the upholstery tool in which allows easy cleaning of the areas such as the cars.

Lightweight Vacuum Cleaners

These vacuum cleaners are lightweight to allow easy maneuvering ,and even with a lie over that allows cleaning areas such as under the beds and also clean the dark areas with the support of the headlights allowing the user to see what they are cleaning.

How Vacuum Cleaners Work / The maintenance

Sometimes the vacuum cleaner may lose its suction power because of different reasons such as blockages, filled bags, damaged brushroll or blocked but these can be avoided if well maintained.

The blockages may come from the narrow diameter, therefore one can unplug and check the extension chip in case it is caused from too much clogging of the dirt within the system and the case when the bag is filled can reduce the suction and if they are full can be emptied, washed and rinsed.

Some others can just be replaced and when the brushroll is the one with the problem which may be blockage due to clogged dirt can be removed and cleaned or can be replaced by another one.

And if the filters are clogged, these filters are in two forms the pre-motor filter and post motor filter, they can be washed in case filled with dirt and rinsed with warm water and this allows also longevity of the appliance.

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