how to deep clean carpets with a vacuum cleaner

How to Deep Clean Carpets with a Vacuum Cleaner?

So you might want to know How to deep clean carpets with a vacuum cleaner? Vacuuming your carpet once a week might not be enough to get that nasty grease and mold hidden deep within your carpet out. You might want to hire a professional cleaning company but wait, before you consider that, you might want to first try it these methods out and save some hard earned money while at it.

These methods we will show you are not rocket science and within a few hours you should have a deep cleaned sanitized carpet. Changes are you already have the necessary tools and equipment in your home but if not then you should check out some of these lightweight vacuum cleaners.

How to deep clean carpet with vacuum?

The equipment for deep cleaning;


The materials used;

  • Cleaning distilled vinegar
  • Sanitizer that is approved



  1. Removing or covering the furniture

Removing or covering the furniture

For one to start deep cleaning the carpets, the furniture must be moved it and if cannot be moved then the small pieces of plastic are put under to prevent rust if they are metals or wood vanish stains from happening to the damp carpet.


  1. Vacuuming the carpet

Pick up of loose dirt and dust with a vacuum, microfiber mop, or with a broom, this allows removing loose dust soil and allergens before attempting to sanitize the carpet.


  1. Select the solutions for cleaning

Most carpet cleaners contain the enzyme and surfactant too break apart the stains and soils, this helps to lift them to the surface to be wiped away, and these products neither sanitize nor disinfectant.


  1. Sanitizing the carpets and cleaning

How to deep clean carpets with a vacuum cleaner

In order to sanitize the carpet, look at the cleaner that contains a disinfectant, but sanitizing can be done with distilled white vinegar, but before using the cleaning products  it is better to first test in case there is no spots or discoloration then you are free to use.

Spray the solution on the fibers and leave it for 5minutes.

Blot with a clean microfiber cleaning cloth but in case there is color transfer don’t use the product.


  1. Use a steam cleaner

After following the missing instructions of the cleaning solution steam clean the carpet.


  1. Air dry the carpet

Air dry the carpet

Allow the carpet to dry with the air for at least 8 hours using the circulating fan over the night, during day people may want to use the carpet therefore one can put heavy towels on the carpets and remove them during bed time.

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White vinegar can be used to clean various things such as laminate floors, tiles and even the carpets.

White vinegar has a PH value of around 2.5 very acidic and because of this it is capable of easily dissolving dirt and lime,

White vinegar has disinfectant properties, though it does not work that well as the alcohols in disinfecting.


Areas where vinegar is not used

Don’t use vinegar on the natural stones because it can leave stains behind. It is not good on unpolished wooden floors

How to clean using white vinegar on the hard floors made of materials like tiles, vinyl and laminate.

  1. Vacuum the floor properly before you start mopping.
  2. Take a bucket and mix together with 4 liters of water and half a cup of white vinegar.
  3. Use the solution to mop the floors
  4. Make sure you wring out the mop before you start.
  5. Let the floor dry.


How to clean your carpet with white vinegar?

The carpet may have an unpleasant smell after cleaning with vinegar, and if this happens one can freshen it up using the following mixture.

  1. Add a teaspoon of baking soda, a tea spoon of vinegar and two cups of warm water to spray bottle and mix it together.
  2. Spray onto the carpet to freshen it up.
  3. Mix a cup of vinegar with half cup of water and apply on the stain.
  4. Let the cloth soak for a little while and then dab at the stain with the cloth, do not rub it because that will only make the stain worse.

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