Kenmore 10701 Compact Bagless Canister Vacuum Review

Kenmore 10701 Compact Bagless Canister Vacuum Review

The Kenmore 10701 Compact Bagless Canister Vacuum is a bit more classic and relatively simple when it comes to design as well as general utilization. Much like most Kenmore machines, this one is also highly suitable for different floor spaces and areas of your home.

This is a canister vacuum machine that’s one of the best canister vacuum selections for pet owners who typically struggle with hair and dander. It’s a bagless canister that contains a compact design, created to clean your whole house and combined floor surfaces.

It’s one of the best selections if you’re searching for a Kenmore vacuum cleaner that you can utilize several times a week without dreading these tasks.

Is the Kenmore 10710 Worth it?

Kenmore 10701 Compact Bagless Canister Vacuum Review
Kenmore 10701 Compact Bagless Canister Vacuum Review


  • Motorized attachment
  • Easy-to-empty filterless transparent canister
  • Enhanced HEPA filter system
  • Combination of 2 motors
  • Adjustable wand
  • 24′ power cord


Motorized attachment

While vacuuming was once a headache-inducing task, a new generation of portable machines have a host of features and functions that make it quicker, effortless, and more convenient to keep living areas ultra-clean.

Kenmore, a leading producer of household devices, has a range of compact canister vacuums that has promised to change how you clean your living spaces. The motorized attachment lifts difficult pet hair, dander and dirt swiftly from surfaces. Unique design gets rid of hair from tangling around the brush.


Easy-to-empty filterless transparent canister

Created to clean all floors within your home, kitchen, den, and car or garage swiftly and efficiently with an effortless-to-empty filterless transparent canister. At 22 lbs this compact and lightweight design is simple to maneuver and also the built-in handle make it effortless to lift.

This retractable cord vacuum contains a powerful, cyclonic design that utilizes centrifugal force to clean pet hair, dirt, and other dust from your floors. The rotating agitator and turbine brush work in unison to effortlessly dislodge set in dirt from thick carpeting so it can be effortlessly eliminated and disposed of.

It boasts a frequent suction that collects debris and dust from upholstery, carpet fibers, and also cracks in your flooring.


Enhanced HEPA filter system

The enhanced HEPA filter system conceals 99.97% of debris, containing dander and dust inside the vacuum minimizing allergy-induced pollutants in your space. Lightweight portability integrated with bagless functionality.

Kenmore Vacuums was created with user convenience in mind. Although it contains a range of ideal features, some reviews reveal that this device isn’t as powerful as promised.


Combination of 2 motors

With 2 versatile and multifunctional tools, a crevice tool and a dusting brush, cleaning difficult to reach areas and compact nooks and crannies has never been more effortless. The combination of 2 motors offers powerful suction and effective brush rotation for extremely deep cleaning.

One user says that because it was highly compact, it made the ideal addition to for swift cleaning around their motor home. While it might not have the power of other enhanced vacuums on the market, again, the price point is a big plus.

This canister vacuum is an affordable device that is portable and functional, although best suited for relatively light cleaning.


Adjustable wand

The adjustable wand effortlessly lengthens to an extended reach of approximately 9′ to access compact areas. Detachable handle is ideal for cleaning car interior, furniture, and tight spaces.

It also consists of cyclonic technology that utilizes centrifugal force to allow for powerful suction pulling dirt, debris and pet hair from cracks, carpet and upholstery.

The Kenmore 10701 Compact Bagless Canister Vacuum device contains a motorized attachment that easily lifts and eliminates even the most stubborn dirt, hair, and dander. It’s uniquely created to prohibit any tangling.


24′ power cord

It іѕ аlѕo relatively simple to go shopping for а Kenmore cleaner; as this brand is readily avаіlablе аt several online stores like Amazon, Kmart, Sears, etc. This іs also а great hеlp fоr users who have no time to shop offline, or for people who live miles away from a vacuum store..

You’ll definitely cover more cleaning ground on cleaning day with this 14″ cleaning width. The 24′ power cord also enables you to save time so you’re not frequently unplugging and re-plugging the whole time. The power cord is also retractable, making it effortless to store when you’re done.

Pros & Cons

  • Filterless transparent canister
  • HEPA filter system
  • Adjustable wand
  • 24′ Cord is retractable
  • No cordless features involve



This Kenmore 10701 Compact Bagless Canister Vacuum is meant for all floors, so you can effortlessly utilize it on the hardwood as well as carpet. This canister vacuum cleaner contains an enhanced HEPA filter system that conceals all of the dirt and allergens inside the vacuum cleaner so that the debris does not go back into your breathing space.

It is essential to mention its Pet Powermate that’s designed specifically to tackle dirt, dander and pet hair. This Kenmore cleaner works on all surfaces, but can also adjust its suction power accordingly.

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