Kenmore 700 Series Ultra Plush Canister Vacuum Cleaner Review

Kenmore 700 Series Ultra Plush Canister Vacuum Cleaner Review

If you’re searching for a decent pet-friendly vacuum cleaner that shows absolutely no signs of struggling no matter what hair or debris it is facing, the Kenmore 700 Series Ultra Plush Canister Vacuum Cleaner may be the perfect vacuum for you. It’s well-designed and lightweight, works like a dream and has a range of attachments to play with for a much deeper clean.

The negatives are that it lacks a little in terms of the design and quality. The unit is also relatively noisy for some. If its functionality is what you’re looking for, this vacuum certainly excels and is likely to keep performing perfectly for quite some time.

Kenmore 700 Series Ultra Plush Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner
Kenmore 700 Series Ultra Plush Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner

Best Kenmore 700 Series Ultra Plush to Buy


  • Large rubber guard
  • LED headlight
  • HEPA filtration system
  • Double-wall creation
  • Low-profile nozzle


Large rubber guard

This canister vacuum captures 99.97% of debris, dust particles, trapping dander, pollen, odors and bacteria inside the machine, minimizing the number of allergy-inducing components in the room.

It’s a fairly subtle silver/gray color that’s relatively compact in size with a few additional cleaning tools for convenience. And there’s even a large rubber guard that’s placed around the canister to prohibit you from causing any damage if you accidentally knock something down.


LED headlight

Vent inlets enables up to 32% simpler push-pull on thick carpeting for effortless maneuverability. You definitely get the total home cleaning from bare floors to carpets stairs and above floors with one device. The machine also illuminates corners, dark spots and furniture for an even thorough clean.

LED headlight

This is an extremely advanced feature that not many other machines come with. The sensor will automatically activate an LED light which displays exactly where you have to do more vacuuming. The light will then automatically turn off once all of the dirt is eliminated.


HEPA filtration system

You get a combination of gentle but effective and efficient rotating brushes and suction for a deeper clean of your thickest carpets. Yet another one of the ideal features of the Kenmore is that it consists of a HEPA filtration system.

HEPA filtration system

If you have allergies, or don’t want a bunch of dust and dirt floating around in your home, this is a perfect feature for you. It also filters out up to approximately 99.7% of air pollutants as well as allergens, instead of allowing them back out into the air like other vacuums do.


Double-wall creation

The double-wall creation keeps air flowing to maintain ideal suction power as well as performance. The convenient handle switch automatically turns the agitator brush off to swiftly sweep hard floors with suction for a clean that will not scratch or dull your floors.

Double-wall creation

You will get around 20% more suction power than your general upright vacuum cleaner. This is integrated with the optimal Power Flow technology, which helps maximize air flow, while ensuring that suction is never lost. The main result is more cleaning power as well as the ability to suck up more dirt from far away.


Low-profile nozzle

The low-profile nozzle has a swivel steering that effortlessly maneuvers around corners and under furniture. The motorized Pet PowerMate is excellent for pet hair cleanup on carpet, furniture, stairs and more.

The Pet PowerMate tool is certainly one of the vacuum’s best functions and works well with even the fluffiest of pet hair. It also contains a swivel steering as mentioned and on handle setting adjustments for better maneuverability.


Hose swivel

The controls are conveniently positioned where they should be – at your fingertips. Functional attachments are placed on the unit for simple access and storage.

Hose swivel

Hose swivel will allow for the vacuum to follow you, wherever you may clean and the hose will not twist or tangle. Its double wall creation makes it overall design more durable than most vacuums out there.

And although the components are plastic, they are relatively robust too. However, the one thing to take note of is the vacuum’s back wheels.

The EnviroCare Replacement Vacuum Bags can also be bought with this device.  They are a bit large and somewhat flimsy. So just keep this in mind as you’re walking around cleaning the house.

Pros & Cons

  • Pet PowerMate attachment
  • Captures 99.97% of dust particles
  • Swivel+ Steering system
  • Variable Power mode
  • May be a bit heavy for some



The Kenmore 700 Series Ultra Plush Canister Vacuum Cleaner is fairly expensive, but it does however consist of a few great features. The internal storage space for attachments is ideal, and most users agree that the suction integrated with the powerhead makes it effective and efficient on hard floors.

Thick carpets may be a bit of a struggle with this machine though, as it may get stuck to the powerful suction. And as many buyers mention, turning down the suction doesn’t usually help: The powerhead locks itself to thick carpets anyway.

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