Kenmore BC7005 Pet Friendly Crossover Vacuum Cleaner Review

Kenmore BC7005 Pet Friendly Crossover Vacuum Cleaner Review

You plan to purchase a Kenmore vacuum machine with the best Ultra Plush Nozzles. We think Kenmore BC7005 Pet Friendly Crossover Vacuum Cleaner is an essential product for your individual requirements. With a low-cost but also effective in cleaning up your daily living space, nothing is greater.

This machine, being part of the well-known Kenmore Elite-series, is one of the most expensive models in their range for some. It will not disappoint most purchasers, though it does contain a few design flaws making it less handy for some. Its capacity may also be too small for some houses.

It is an excellent vacuum for hard floors though, as the suction is extremely powerful, making it one of the more effective and efficient models in the market.

Kenmore BC7005 Pet Friendly Crossover Vacuum Cleaner Review
Kenmore BC7005 Pet Friendly Crossover Vacuum Cleaner Review

Kenmore BC7005 Vacuum Cleaner Review


  • Swivel steering design
  • LED light
  • 2-motor system
  • Enhanced HEPA filter
  • Extendable wand


Swivel steering design

Created to clean all spaces and surfaces of your kitchen, home, den, car or garage swiftly and efficiently with various attachment tools as well as swivel steering.

Swivel steering design

If you are searching for a kind of canister vacuum that you can utilize to clean areas other than the carpet and floor, the Kenmore BC7005 will definitely not disappoint you. It provides a highly impressive suction that picks up all the pet hair, dirt, dust, and dander from couches, sofas, hardwood floors, and rugs in one go.


LED light

The motorized attachment effortlessly lifts stubborn pet hair and dirt swiftly from surfaces. The unique design gets rid of hair from tangling and gripping around the brush.

LED light

An essential feature to note about this device is that it can definitely catch lint and hair from a carpet’s surface; however, it won’t do a deep clean. So, if your home contains mostly hard-floors, this vacuum is ideal for you.

For Kenmore vacuum cleaners, this is certainly one of the most interesting functions or features. This feature will help you get an indication of when the dust bag is relatively full, meaning that the LED will light up when the infrared dirt sensor is accurately positioned. Also, you have to clean the dirt and continue your task after that. The LED will deactivate again after eliminating the dirt.


2-Motor system

The 2-motor system and CrossOver nozzle swiftly switches from hard floor to carpeting cleaning with ease. LED light lights up to indicate when dirtbag is full and requires replacing. It is extremely portable as compared to any typical canister vacuum and does an excellent job at eliminating pet hair from your home.

2-Motor system

The bagged feature is the only thing that has changed. You can still utilize it on all surfaces and in all rooms in your house with the same efficiency and convenience you’re used to.


Enhanced HEPA filter

The enhanced HEPA filter conceals 99.97% of dirt, minimizing the number of pollutants and germs in the room. It effortlessly reaches areas that are difficult to access, such as mantels, blinds, as well as high ceilings.

The best part is that the vacuum includes an entire set of attachments that have been created to clean everything from your chandelier to the computer. The exclusive stair handle enables you to rest and clean the stair area easily. You can also manually adjust the pile height for this device.

It has an innovative design that prohibits the bristles from tangling around the brush, making cleaning the vacuum easier.


Extendable wand

The extendable wand is extremely lightweight and lengthens approximately 11 feet of reach to access high areas. The detachable handle on the Kenmore BC7005 Pet Friendly Crossover Vacuum Cleaner is ideal for thoroughly cleaning car interiors, furniture, and tight spaces.

Extendable wand

If you love vacuum cleaners, you would know that your home is not the only place that requires ‘vacuuming, it’s also the deck, garage, and other spaces that has to be vacuumed too. We all know how much users love Kenmore vacuums and have been utilizing it for decades to keep the home, car, den, kitchen and garage neat and tidy.

Pros & Cons

  • 360º Swivel Action
  • Motorized Pet PowerMate
  • CrossOver bare floor nozzle
  • Lightweight telescoping wand
  • May be a bit heavy for some



To make your housework less cumbersome, you should definitely invest in a well-made and dependable Kenmore BC7005 Pet Friendly Crossover Vacuum Cleaner. While smooth-rolling wheels effortlessly move around corners, the swivel steering simply maneuvers around and under fixtures.

It provides exceptional cleaning performance on bare or hard floors and does a great job of sucking up various types of debris on low and high-quality carpets. So, if you are searching for the best vacuum cleaner for your home that can effortlessly handle a variety of surfaces, this is a good selection.

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