PowerSmith PAVC101 10 Amp Ash Vacuum Review

PowerSmith PAVC101 10 Amp Ash Vacuum Review

This heavy duty PowerSmith PAVC101 10 Amp Ash Vacuum was created for the specific purpose of cleaning out barbecue grills, wooden stoves, pellet stoves as well as ashes from warm or cool fireplaces.

This quality ash cleaner was specifically designed with cleaning concerns in mind. It claims to be a relatively tough vacuum that can suck all of the dirt and debris from these difficult areas. More essentially, it is said to store all the sucked properties in a safe and secure place where there is no risk of them seeping outside the vacuum cleaner.

PowerSmith PAVC101 10 Amp Ash Vacuum Review
PowerSmith PAVC101 10 Amp Ash Vacuum Review

Best PowerSmith Ash Vacuum to Buy


  • Fire-resistant filter system
  • Washable 2-stage filter system
  • Auto shut off function to
  • 10 Amp motor
  • 16 foot cord


Fire-resistant filter system

The PowerSmith PAVC101 is specifically created to clean warm and cool ash out of fireplaces, pellet stoves, wood stoves, and barbeque grills The filter is extremely effective though, and no dust and debris escaped from the PowerSmith PAVC101 when users put it to the test in case of overheating.

Fire-resistant filter system

The PowerSmith PAVC101 is a difficult device to compare to other  vacuums, simply because it’s meant for one specific task. It works perfectly for dust, ash and other small particles and debris, but it isn’t designed to do much else well. For these tasks, it’s an excellent choice.


Washable 2-stage filter system

The heat-resistant, replaceable as well as washable 2-stage filter system with sonic welded seams contains the finest ashes. The PowerSmith PAVC101 is lightweight and effortless to empty. It will be ideal for anyone that has a pellet stove or fireplace or shops which contains a lot of dust and sawdust, but it’s not as multifunctional as some shop vacuums on the market.

Washable 2-stage filter system

This PowerSmith Ash Vacuum might not be the toughest vacuum to clean out hot and cold ashes from various areas, but it still holds its own. It does a great job of cleaning ashes and has a great customer reviews from previous purchasers.


Auto shut off function

The metal canister and metal-lined hose resists high temperatures and prohibits fire hazards. The wheels are fairly tricky to maneuver, and it only consists of a cloth filter, which has to be replaced more frequently than other types.

It contains an auto shut off function to provide it with more time to cool down. You have to wait approximately 10-20 minutes to utilize the vacuum again. It is user-friendly as you only have to press a few buttons and it contains corresponding simple indicators.


10 Amp motor

Furnaces, grills, wooden stoves, as well as other coal or wood burned surfaces can be a big hassle to clean. First, it is extremely difficult to remove burnt charcoal since it can also stick to where it burned. Second, you may get allergic rhinitis from these allergens.

This is where the PowerSmith PAVC101 10 Amp Ash Vacuum will come to your rescue when these spaces require a deep clean out. The powerful 10 Amp motor contains a noise level of only 79 db.

Although this 10 amp vacuum is mostly meant for ash, users tested it in a similar way to some other shop vacuums, with a mix of mulch and screws. It did relatively well with the screw test, vacuuming up everything, but its performance regarding the mulch wasn’t as impressive.


16 foot cord

Additional accessories include casters and the 16 foot cord allows use as a standard shop vacuum. The design is fairly different from those of the best ash vacuums. The tank is a relatively thin metal canister instead of durable polypropylene, which is again optimized and enhanced for ash as it prohibits possible fire hazards when cleaning hot ash (although this is not advised).

16 foot cord

However, it consists of a fairly short hose, but it has a long power cord, reaching 16 feet, which assists in making up for the short hose.

Pros & Cons

  • Large capacity
  • Ash level indicator
  • All metal construction
  • Clog resistant
  • 3 Gallon might be to small for larger households



The PowerSmith PAVC101 10 Amp Ash Vacuum is specifically created for cleaning warm and cool ash out of barbecue grills and fireplaces. It can typically be used like other shop vacuums, but it is, however less capable of cleaning up wet messes around your home.

That being said, if you’re searching for the best shop vacuum to tackle fine particles like sawdust, dust and ash this is a great selection. If you are searching for one of the best ash vacuums, this machine from PowerSmith is a great choice.

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