Snow Joe ASHJ201 4.8 Gallon 4 Amp Ash Vacuum Review

Snow Joe ASHJ201 4.8 Gallon 4 Amp Ash Vacuum Review

The Snow Joe Ash Vacuum is certainly worth picking up for light home utilization. If you’re going to be utilizing an ash vacuum frequently, it would probably be ideal to get a more powerful brand like this Snow Joe ASHJ201 4.8 Gallon 4 Amp Ash Vacuum.

If you contain a large volume of ash in your burner, you might want to utilize a shovel and ash bucket to clear out the bulk of it and then the shop vacuum can be utilized for getting all the remains. Vacuums like this can effortlessly get into all those hard-to-reach areas in and around the fireplace, and provide you with a cleaner finish than you could otherwise get.

Snow Joe ASHJ201 4.8 Gallon 4 Amp Ash Vacuum Review
Snow Joe ASHJ201 4.8 Gallon 4 Amp Ash Vacuum Review

Snow Joe Ash Vacuum Reviews


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Dual filtration system
  • Powerful 4-amp motor
  • Bag-free system
  • Safety stop switch
  • 2 Year warranty


Portable and lightweight

Ash Vacuums like Snow Joe ASHJ201 4.8 Gallon 4 Amp Ash Vacuum are ideal at helping keep your fireplace tidy and clean, and the model we’ve been searching at in this post is extremely cheap as well. The Snow Joe ASHJ201 is created for cold ash pickup from pellet stoves, wood stoves, fireplaces, firepits, as well as BBQ grills.

Ash vacuums usually don’t come with wheels because you won’t be walking around with this vacuum. You’re typically operating it in one place, for instance, beside a fireplace. This device is one of the many models that do not contain wheels or a wheel dolly like the Pellethead Ash Vacuum Pro . Nonetheless, we do like machines that consist of wheels for portability’s sake, and many does as well.


Dual filtration system

Fitted with a dual filtration system that takes on both a fine-dust pleated filter and a coarse-dust pre-filter, the Ash Vac effectively and efficiently conceals dust particles during the ash cleaning process and prohibits them from escaping into your breathing space.

Dual filtration system

Product reviews are relatively mixed about the power of this vacuum cleaner. Some reviewers have given positive feedback, while other users have complained about the weak suction power.


Powerful 4-amp motor

Operation is simple and you can just insert the Ash Vac’s intake nozzle into your cold ash, easily flip the switch, and watch the powerful 4-amp motor produce up to 500 W of suction power as well as 42. 4 cubic feet per minute of air flow.

We’d mention, though, that most ash containers have plenty of people that have complained about poor suction power. So it’s typically just a matter of educating the market about why the suction might be weak.


Bag-free system

The Snow Joe ASHJ201 4.8 Gallon 4 Amp Ash Vacuum’s large metal canister stores up to about 4.8 gallons of ash, so you can finish your task without stopping, to clear the container. Plus, it is also a bag-free system, which enables for easy ash removal with an effortless lift of the container lid.

Bag-free system

One of the best ways to make sure the suction is as powerful as possible is to regularly clean the filter. And by this we mean very regularly – after each use. Cleaning it frequently will put less strain on the motor and increase suction.


Safety stop switch

Other functions include a safety stop switch to prohibit the Ash Vacuum from operating without a securely fitted filter, a wire filter basket to safeguard the fine dust filter, an effortless carry handle, a window blockage indicator, as well as a hose organizer/onboard cord for extremely convenient storage.


2 Year warranty

Backed by a full 2-years, the Ash Vac ASHJ201 is the dependable cleanup tool you will require to deal with any ash issue in a simple, clean and safe way. Whether you contain a tiny wood stove or a big wood-burning cook stove, an ash vacuum might be just what you’re searching for.

You can also likely utilize your regular wet/dry shop vacuum for the job; just ensure everything is completely cold before vacuuming.

Pros & Cons

  • Pre-filter pleated filter
  • 500 W of suction power
  • Reusable fine dust cartridge filter
  • Extra large metal canister
  • N/A



The Snow Joe ASHJ201 4.8 Gallon 4 Amp Ash Vacuum has a flat bottom that is designed to sit in a single location, and then be effortlessly shifted by lifting with a handle.

The lack of wheels could be cumbersome to some users, but it contains its benefits as well. It means you can easily rest it up on higher locations without the machine trying to roll away on you. Even though it’s created only for picking up cold ashes, it consists of metal which means it will be more durable and robust and safeguarded against any heat than a plastic alternative.

The device is not extremely heavy and can be shifted around your house with ease, and it’s also relatively simple to up and empty. Ensure you utilize your ashes on something productive.

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