Shark WANDVAC WS632 Series Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

Shark WANDVAC WS632 Series Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

If you’re searching for a cordless Shark vacuum that’s created to power around your whole house, the Shark WANDVAC WS632 Series Cordless Vacuum Cleaner has great flexibility, a boost mode, as well as a great battery life, and is definitely in our list of the best vacuum cleaners. You can even think of the Shark WandVac as something you’d swiftly grab if you’ve accidently spilled flour all over the floor and had to quickly clean it up.

Users appreciate that this is both a stick and a handheld vacuum.  It will make sure you don’t have to purchase two different vacuum cleaners to get that versatility.

Shark WANDVAC WS632 Series Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review
Shark WANDVAC WS632 Series Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

Best Shark Wandvac System to Buy


  • Rotating head design
  • Portable design with charging base
  • HyperVelocity accelerated suction
  • Boost button
  • PowerFins technology


Rotating head design

This is one of the most powerful cordless vacuums under 2.1 pounds. The Shark Wandvac System is ideal for bare floors. It effortlessly clears small debris like rice, pet hair, and most large debris, like cereal, from surfaces like laminate or hardwood.

Rotating head design

It’s relatively maneuverable thanks to the rotating head and configurable creation, and it requires virtually no recurring costs. The 4 Pack HEPA Fabric Filter can also be purchased with this vacuum cleaner.


Portable design with charging base

It includes a charging base that’s portable and fits almost anywhere in your house, with two innovative charging and storing setups to match your cleaning style. Unlike the Shark Navigator Pet Pro the Shark Wandvac System contains a fairly robust build quality.

Portable design with charging base

It’s designed from sturdy plastic, but its wheels may feel a bit flimsy for some. The transparent dirt compartment might also feel a bit flimsy.

Luckily, its simple design makes it effortless to assemble, and you can easily remove certain parts with the push of a button. We found the Shark WandVac was extremely light and easy to utilize with the crevice tool attached, while the suction was strong enough to offer a thorough clean, making it perfect for awkward jobs like cleaning your stairs or car.


HyperVelocity accelerated suction

The HyperVelocity accelerated suction offers ideal cleaning performance in an extremely-lightweight frame. It only takes one quick touch to easily empty the dust cup with absolutely no mess.

HyperVelocity accelerated suction

It’s created to be relatively lightweight, but still highly sufficient when it comes to power, and the variety of included attachments promise to assist you in cleaning a range of areas from tight corners and areas to your kitchen floor.

So much so, that we definitely think it’s one of the best shark vacuums you can purchase. Perfect performance and a great range of tools certainly make it a winner in the proper circumstances, but the short battery life might put off some users.


Boost button

You can press the Boost button for additional bursts of strong suction for difficult messes. You can also effortlessly switch between cleaning selections/modes in seconds. This is a vacuum cleaner that can swiftly tackle floors, and the Shark WandVac System is certainly an ideal grab-and-go vacuum.

Putting the vacuum together is easy, and you can simply add attachments by securely slotting them in until they click into place. If you’re utilizing the Shark as a stick vacuum, the anti-hair-wrap floor head contains self-cleaning silicone known as ‘Powerfins’, rather than your usual bristles, which prohibit pet or human hair from getting stuck.


PowerFins technology

As mentioned the vacuum contains PowerFins technology for continuous cleaning to dig deep into thick carpets and directly engage hard floors. There’s been a comeback in handheld vacuums, which offer swift grab-and-go cleaning for small messes.

PowerFins technology

With the Shark WANDVAC WS632 Series Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, however, you will definitely get the best of both worlds, meaning a handheld vac for rapidly dealing with contained spaces of mess as well as a full floor head to take on an entire room.

The WandVac is lightweight and effortless to utilize, making it an exceptional selection for high-up cleaning of curtains and blinds. It’s also a great selection if you require a portable vacuum for cleaning your car or garage.

Pros & Cons

  • Vacuum is under 2.1 pounds
  • Accelerated suction power
  • Self-cleaning brushroll
  • Ultra-lightweight frame
  • Some complaints of inadequate battery



The Shark WANDVAC WS632 Series Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is a powerful cordless vacuum machine that’s perfect for small clean-up activities. It’s lightweight and ideal for cleaning up high such as ceilings and upholstery but its run time is approximately 16 minutes, and the dust cup fills up fairly rapidly so it’s not created to clean your entire home.

The ergonomics of the WANDVAC are relatively good – once you familiarize yourself with the buttons and sliders and what they to push.  It moves extremely well and does not weigh too much.  The base is also an excellent feature that keeps the vacuum effortlessly accessible and charged.

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