Simplicity S65S Vacuum Cleaner Review

Simplicity S65S Vacuum Cleaner Review

The Simplicity S65S Vacuum Cleaner is a standard cordless stick/handheld vacuum. It returns versatile overall performance and is effortless to maintain than many other alternatives.

This vacuum ideal maneuverability. Its light enough to be effortlessly picked up and carried over minor obstructions like electrical cords, switching tools while the accessories is swift and simple to handle but the wand can be a little hard to detach.

However, you have to crouch relatively deeply to clean under tables, couches, and other low-lying furniture. Unfortunately, rug tassels can get caught in the brushroll when active.

Simplicity S65S Vacuum Cleaner Review
Simplicity S65S Vacuum Cleaner Review

Are Simplicity vacuums any good?


  • Built-in carrying handle
  • ‘Low Speed’ mode to ‘High Speed’
  • One click with convertible design
  • LED headlight and controls
  • HEPA media filter


Built-in carrying handle

This vacuum includes portable and standard attachments; hard floor LED nozzle, one multi-floor carpet, charging storage station, wall mount, one combo tool with a crevice tool and 2-in-1 dusting brush, one battery and fitted with a SF65 HEPA Filter Media.

Built-in carrying handle

The Simplicity S65 is highly portable. It weighs roughly the same as the Tineco PURE ONE X Tango, but it feels relatively heavier in your hand. Its built-in carrying handle makes it simple to pick up and lift. You can easily access the brushroll by unlocking a cover on the side of the machine’s head with a coin. You can brush off any difficult debris by hand and cut away hair wraps with a pair of scissors.


‘Low Speed’ mode to ‘High Speed’

For quick clean ups the stick and hand vacuum is created for you busy bees out there and runs between 10-25 minutes. The low speed is for daily household cleaning and easily extends runtime, while high speed is for larger messes and faster clean up.

'Low Speed' mode to 'High Speed'

The Simplicity SZH-6 Jill Canister Vacuum Replacement Bags and the Simplicity Vacuum Bags SS-6 can also be purchased with this vacuum. The dirt compartment can be detached from the main body of the vacuum and emptied over a trash can after each use since it’s quite small. You can also clean it with hot water, but be sure to leave it to dry entirely before fitting it back in place.

This vacuum contains a couple of quality of life features. You can maximize its suction power from the default ‘Low Speed’ selection to ‘High Speed’ to deal with stubborn debris.


One click with convertible design

One click and go is all it takes with this cordless machine and there’s no dread holding down the trigger the entire vacuuming cycle. The Simplicity vacuum is a basic cordless stick/handheld vacuum. It provides excellent performance on high-pile carpet and clears a substantial amount of debris on low-pile carpet and bare floors.

One click with convertible design

It’s also effortless to maintain and incurs few recurring costs. Unfortunately, it doesn’t feel well-designed for some users and can be a bit of a hassle to store.


LED headlight and controls

Simple to maneuver the stick vacuum works as an under furniture and bed vacuum machine or a bathroom vacuum cleaner swiveling around compact spaces. It converts to a hand vacuum for upholstery cleaning the couch or vehicle.

The Simplicity S65S Vacuum Cleaner is ideal for high-pile carpet. It does a perfect job of cleaning pet hair and bigger material like sand and clears a good amount of fine debris, like baking soda, from this surface too. It’s also effortless to maneuver and maintain.

The vacuum head also easily rotates, making it easier to navigate compact areas, and has an LED headlight to illuminate darker areas. The controls for power on/off and suction selections are also easily accessible.


HEPA media filter

HEPA media filters approximately 99.97% of dirt, pollen, and dander and other tiny particles 0.3 microns or larger. One SF65 filter is included with all S65 Vacuums for hardwood floors and carpets. It has two storage selections to store and charge the vacuum and attachment tools where you require.

HEPA media filter

You can utilize the charging station to tuck it away in a corner or effortless hang your wand vacuum on the wall mount, all you require is an outlet.

The Simplicity machine feels reasonably well-built. It’s mostly designed from plastic, though its wand is designed from lightweight metal. It doesn’t feel extremely sturdy overall, and parts of it feel as though they could damage if the vacuum is dropped, especially its transparent plastic dirt compartment.

Pros & Cons

  • Certified Hepa filtration system
  • Storage docking station
  • Two speeds
  • Floor LED nozzle
  • The ‘’low setting’’ may be inadequate for some



This Simplicity S65S Vacuum Cleaner has good performance on bare floors. It suctions up pet hair and small debris like rice without extreme difficulty. Unusually, it does a good job of clearing bulky debris like cereal when its clear dirt compartment is partially filled but struggles a bit with this when its dirt compartment is empty.

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