How to get rid of vacuum smells?

How to Get Rid of Vacuum Smells?

Are you wondering how to get rid of vacuum smells? In this 3 minute blog post you will exactly know how what you can put into your vacuum cleaner to make it smell good.

The floor is exposed to certain types of dirt, after vacuuming there may be entanglement with some dirt, debris or pet hairs and this may result into vacuum smells, and some when are clogged, vacuum cleaners do not pick up the dirt efficiently, since we use daily the vacuum it should be maintained, when it becomes smelly, it makes a bad odor in the whole house making the environment unhealthy.

Therefore these are some of the tips we should put into place in order to get rid of bad vacuum cleaner smells.

But let’s first look at what causes the vacuum smells

  • The full bag
  • Dirty filters
  • Dirty canister
  • Hoses and attachments
  • Delay of cleaning the vacuum cleaner


Requirements required on how to get rid of vacuum smells

  • Baking soda
  • Disinfectant
  • Cloth
  • Warm water
  • Fragrant spices like cinnamon
  • Soap


The cause and the solution to the bad smells of the vacuums.

The full dirty bag:

Some machine bags can be washed, if you have a bagged vacuum cleaner, then it may be the main reason behind the smell, therefore there is need to change the bag, or it may because dirt has been left in for a long period of time.

dirty vacuum bag

Therefore the bag should be emptied in the garbage area, so in order to stop the smell sprinkle the fragrant herb like cinnamon in the vacuum bag, or sprinkle on the floor and vacuum away.

Infuse the bag with a nice fragrance to remove the bad smell.

Place a softener sheet inside the bag so that, when you turn on the vacuum, it activates the sheets and releases a bad smell each time the vacuum is turned on it gives a fresh smell.

Wiping the exterior of the vacuum with soap and warm water, in order to disinfect, spray where the bag sits to eliminate the germs and odors.

If the bag does not have any problem then, disassemble the vacuum cleaner that may be causing the bad smell.


It may be because of:

Dirty filters:

There are two types of filters these are; the pre and post motor filters, dirt and bacteria may be stuck in the filters; therefore they need to be cleaned.

  1. Clean the filter sponge in clean cold water to remove any trapped dirt because when they clog they produce a bad irritating smell, lf the is fabric rub it with the hand in soapy water, leave it out over time and make sure it is dry.
  2. If the filters have cracks dirt may clog in the cracks, therefore there is need of new replacements, because this may affect the health of the people at home and reduce also the efficiency of the machine.


The dirty canisters:

This is a part of the vacuum where dirt is stored, therefore there is a lot of accumulation of bacteria, since it exposed to too much dirt, so if it is not emptied it may result into vacuum smells that are unhealthy and before cleaning it and remove any electric appliance on the canister.


It can be cleaned by;

  1. Adding some disinfectant into the canister to kill the bacteria within the can and wash the canisters with soap and warm water, since dirt can stick on the sides and cause a bad smell.
  2. If there are some scratches there is need of replacement, because the cracks can hangout all forms of dirt.
  3. Check for any trapped dust in the vent, if it is there can removed with a soft brush since some vents are connected to electricity, then it is not advisable to clean them with water.


The Hoses and attachments:

These vacuum attachments are exposed to a lot of dirt making them good breeding grounds for bacteria when moisture comes in contact with the dirty particles.

Therefore there is need of cleaning;

  1. Clean the attachments with soapy water and if there is metals involve then the disinfectants are used to prevent rusting of all the features.
  2. The brush roll may also get clogged therefore, give a quick spray of the disinfectant so that there are no smells from it.


Regular cleaning:

The vacuum cleaner should be cleaned regularly such that there are no bad smells coming from the vacuum cleaner.

The solution of baking soda and water are used, therefore the vacuum cleaner is cleaned with freshwater also and left to dry, your vacuum cleaner will never have a bad smell. And that is how to get rid of vacuum smells.

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