Intercleaner Corded Vacuum Cleaner Review

Whether you’re looking for a full-sized vacuum cleaner or a lightweight corded model that you can take from the kitchen to the car, there are multiple great models to select from. Here, we’ll explain the key features to look out for when it comes to the Intercleaner Corded Vacuum Cleaner and provide an in-depth review to help you select the best vacuum cleaner for you.

It also enables you to clean edges as well as under furniture since it’s extremely flexible. The versatile brush head allows every inch of your house to be clean. You can even utilization this vacuum on carpeted surfaces with ease. Since this vacuum cleaner is relatively lightweight, you can just leave it standing once you are done utilizing it.

Intercleaner Corded Vacuum Cleaner Review
Intercleaner Corded Vacuum Cleaner Review

4 in 1 Lightweight Bagless Stick Vac with Handheld for Pet Hair Hard Floor and Carpet


  • Motorized cleaner head
  • 400W brushless motor
  • High-capacity dust cup
  • 7lbs in weight
  • 1-year warranty


Motorized cleaner head

The lightweight vacuum cleaner can efficiently and effectively clear debris, crumbs and dust, reducing hair entanglement. With a motorized cleaner head, crevice nozzle, dusting brush or extension wand installed collectively or respectively in one vacuum cleaner, it meets diverse cleaning requirements for hard floors, such as wooden floors and stairs, marble, beds, windowsills, and sofas.

Motorized cleaner head

Unfortunately, this vacuum machine has quite a few parts that require regular cleaning. It can be cumbersome to clean under tables and chairs due to its relatively bulky front-mounted dustbin, though it does have a floorhead that makes it a little simpler to navigate around obstacles.


400W brushless motor

The Intercleaner corded stick vacuum is fitted with a 400W brushless motor that offers up to 12KPa strong suction, which can swiftly clean all kinds of floor and short-haired carpet. The 16.4 ft power cable can make a small vacuum have a broad range of use. The 2 extra washable HEPA can keep the suction relatively strong and save your cost.

This is a brilliantly created vacuum cleaner for hard floors. Its maneuverability takes a lot of the labor out of vacuuming every day. The O-Cedar Pet Pro Broom & Step-On Dustpan PowerCorner can also be purchased with this 4 in 1 lightweight bagless stick vacuum.


High-capacity dust cup

The bagless stick vacuum cleaner contains a high-capacity dust cup that allows for long cleaning sessions to empty the hand vac cleaner cup without getting your hands extremely dirty with the one-button. The transparent dust cup can effortlessly check the dust capacity and clean up in time. The user friendly design allows for a hassle-free best dust cleaner experience for you and your family.

High-capacity dust cup

However, it’s lighter, making it easier to pick up and bring from room to room. It offers superb performance on bare floors and sucks up a substantial amount of debris on low-pile carpet. It does an ideal job on high-pile carpet, though you may have to make an additional pass to fully clean very fine debris.


3.7lbs in weight

The carpet vacuum cleaner weights approximately 3.7lbs, and is good for women and elder people to take it downstairs and upstairs at ease. After replacing the versatile 2-in-1 brush, it can be swiftly switched to a handheld vacuum cleaner which is highly suitable for car, sofas, keyboards and gaps.

3.7lbs in weight

This vacuum allows for outstanding performance on bare floors and does a perfect job clearing debris on low and high-pile carpets, with no massive loss in suction performance as its dustbin fills up.


1-year warranty

It can be swiftly switched to a handheld vacuum cleaner which is ideal for most areas within and outside of your home. Purchase one and you will never worry about the entire household cleaning! The quiet function for pet hair not only cleans up, but also benefits the pet’s mind and body.

Intercleaner handheld upright vacuum is a great helper for housewives, offer excellent performance at an economical price. They provide a 1-year warranty as well as 7 x 24h customer service, so you will have no worries about after-sales problems.

Pros & Cons

  • 12KPa strong suction
  • 16.4 ft power cable
  • User friendly design
  • Pro-max filtration & corded
  • Filter may clog after several uses



This high-quality Intercleaner Corded Vacuum Cleaner can efficiently and effectively pick up small particles like dust and bigger debris like coffee beans. It contains a larger dustbin to clean with ease without reloading it frequently. Another amazing feature of this vacuum machine is that it comes with multiple accessories for simple cleaning.

The vacuum’s lightweight design and compact body make it very effortless to maneuver. However, its power cord and vacuum hose are relatively short, so you may have to swap outlets when cleaning larger areas.

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